Friday, April 24, 2009

Sexiest woman in the world

FHM has recently published this years 100 sexiest women. topping the list was the British singer, Cheryl Cole, from the British band Girls aloud. she is married to the English footballer, ashley cole. This is the first time in a while that a british woman tops the list!

This is the rest of the top ten:
2. Megan Fox (Hot but can look tranny sometimes)
3. Jessica Alba (gorgeoussss)
4. Britney Spears (ummm, why is she on the top 10?)
5. Keeley Hazell
6. Adriana Lima
7. Elisha Cuthbert
8. Kristin Kreuk
9. Anna Friel
10. Freida Pinto (I think she is absolutely beauuutifulll !!)


  1. I LOVE CHERYL COLE AND MEGAN FOX! I think they are absolutely GORGEOUS <3

  2. I love Cheryl Cole but I think that Adriana Lima should have ranked a higher spot!

  3. F: Yeah they are both sexy!
    Bahrain Fashion: I think Adriana Lima is hot, but shes a bit too overrated.