Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Vintage Fendi Twin Tote

I absolutely love this Fendi bag! Everything about it is appealing to me! I'm a big-bag kind of person because i carry everything in it, so the size of this one is perfect! I can even carry books in it. I've seen the bag online, but it didnt look exactly the same. It was not crocadile skin, or whatever this is. I want this particular one, the one mary kate / ashley is carrying ! But since it is vintage, I guess shes the only one that has it. Or one of the few that do!


  1. omg omg *gasps for air* this is the most amazing bag I've ever seen! I've made a post before about the twin tote I JUST LOVE THIS BAG! It is hot and practical and I'm so buying one soon enshallah but I want the croc one :(

  2. Euphoria: I want even more!
    F: It is the most amazing bag I've ever seen too I'd kill for it! The twin tote is pretty but its nothing compared to this! I heard the twin tote is inspired by this one and its been called the 'twin' tote after Mary-Kate and Ashley!