Monday, March 30, 2009

Crazy weather!

The weather has been crazy recently! Its been raining for the past three days. we are in March why is it raining now and it didnt rain in december? global warming! But after it rained, it was really nice outside. i loved the breeze i wanted to go jog but then i was lazy :p

Friday, March 27, 2009

Wish list

This is currently at the top of my wish list. I want it... now!!

Yigal Azrouel one shoulder ruffle dress - $1080
I love that rich cobalt color and those big eye-catching ruffles!

A diva is a female version of a hustla

Beyonce has been rocking some uber fancy glasses in one of her video clips, DIVA, straight from her latest album i am sasha fierce.
I found some similar glasses for those who fell in love with hers! These are made by BLESS, created by two young German designers. It is available in silver and gold and retails for 200 euros.
To get your self a pair, click here.

bling it on

Dress up from head to toe in glitz and glamour and shine like a star!

*Versace Dress
*Derercuny tank
*Christian Louboutin pumps
*Maison Martin Margiela bag
*de Grisogono earrings

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ballet Inspired

I love how ballerinas are so simple and graceful . I wish I knew how to ballet dance, when I have kids of my own I will make sure they learn ballet.
These are just some ballet inspired items that are so girly and would make any girl look elegant and simple.

1. Elizabeth and James Sophie Dress - $260
2. Brian Reyes Cartridge Short Sleeve Dress - $1795
3. Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent Embroidered Cutout Top - $297
4. Marc by Marc Jacobs Lace Up Cutout Mid-Heel Booties - $550
5. Derek Lam Aja Draped Ankle Wrap Back Platform Sandals - $650
6. Twenty8Twelve matisse skirt - $260
7. Maloles Metallic Zoe Tie Ballet Flats - $325
8. Diane Von Furstenberg Goddess Lace up Sandals - $255
9. Thayer Ruffle Sleeve Top - $182
10. Omelle Catia Petal Flat Sandals - $695

Python is everywhere!

I usually don't like anything that animal printed, but it seems like python is popular right now. It is growing on me.

1. Fendi Python Embossed Gladiator - $655
2. Jay Godfrey Strapless Gown, worn by Vanessa Hudgens - $495
3. Glam Rock Miami Python Strap Watch - $2095
4. Prada Jeweled T-strap Platform Sandal - $1100
5. Yves Saint Laurent Python Print Shell - $615
6. Fendi Forever Maxi Python - $3200
7. Fendi Karung New Bag de Jour - $2710
8. Nancy Gonzalez Mosiac Python Tote - $3100

Monday, March 23, 2009

To bang or not to bang

It seems that recently everyone is getting themselves some bangs! Two of my friends got them and i loved it! It got me thinking, maybe i should do it. It would be a new look for me since i never take risks with my hair. I really like the blunt bangs and the side swept bangs, but I don't know if it would suit me, so I'm kind of confused! I mean they are very fashionable right now and they seem to be so versatile, but i feel like it would take me extra time to fix my hair and i really don't like spending much time doing that.. i feel like they're so summery and with summer coming up maybe i should just go for it!

Some celebrities working the bold blunt bangs:

Rashida Jones

Jessica Alba

Leighton Meester

Side-swept bangs:

Keira Knightly

Helena Christensen

Cameron Diaz

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Movies wardrobe

This weekend I managed to watch two recent movies which were set in the late 1920s and the late 1930s.

Changeling, starring Angelina Jolie, is a movie based on a true story set in Los Angeles in the 1920s. It is about a mother who loses her son and is on a quest to find him.
Australia, starring Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman, is the other movie I watched which was set in the late 1930s right before World War II.

Lots of people told me to watch these movies, claiming that they are really good. I liked them but was not crazy about them. What I really liked about these movies though is the wardrobe. I absolutely loved the outfits Angelina wore in Changeling. It seemed to be a perfect reflection of that period of time. I'm not really a big fan of Angelina Jolie, especially since she started dating Brad Pitt, but I must say she looked absolutely gorgeous in this movie. I loved her sultry look...the short hair and the red lips... very mesmerizing. The movie's stylist, Deborah Hopper paid attention to every little detail. She researched the real-life character in news footage and tried to recreate the 1920's fashion.

< Love her hair, lipstick and the coat w/the brooch!

Anglina was also a fan of this style. “There is something about the style of the '20s that is very sweet. They make you feel a little softer and just so delicate hidden behind it all." Well put Jolie, that’s exactly what I feel. They look oh-so-delicate! She even looked gorgeous in the movie's premiere in New York. Dressed in a little black dress, it was her first red carpet event since having her twins.

On the other hand, Australia had an amazing wardrobe too. Lady Sarah Ashley, a British aristocrat, decides to leave to Australia after not hearing from her husband for a while... only to find him killed. She then runs his farm and finds love. What caught my eye in this movie is the classy hats, umbrellas and Lady Sarah's luggage! Her clothes changed from the beginning of the movie to half way through... She transformed from an uptight and tailored aristocrat to more relaxed cattle rancher in a plain shirt and pants. The costume director, Catherine Martin, investigated designers around that period of time, she studied what British women wore then and she was also inspired by the sportswear of the 30s. Nicole Kidman looked impeccable in a plaid buttoned down shirt, brown pants, knee high boots and a cowboy hat. It looked so effortless complimenting her soft face and the character she played in this movie. Catherine Martin has done a good job!

**Absolutely love her luggage, hat, chic suit and that big umbrella!

Entering the blogsphere!

I am a 19 year old Bahraini girl who loves this tiny island to death! I'm currently in school studying business. My latest battle with insomnia led to this new habit of reading blogs. I would spend hours reading blog after blog after blog. I enjoyed reading all those love stories people share, the latest fashion trends and just random thoughts.

That is when i decided to start my own blog. I will blog about anything that comes to mind, and hopefully this would turn out to be interesting and i wont run out of things to write about ;p .