Monday, March 23, 2009

To bang or not to bang

It seems that recently everyone is getting themselves some bangs! Two of my friends got them and i loved it! It got me thinking, maybe i should do it. It would be a new look for me since i never take risks with my hair. I really like the blunt bangs and the side swept bangs, but I don't know if it would suit me, so I'm kind of confused! I mean they are very fashionable right now and they seem to be so versatile, but i feel like it would take me extra time to fix my hair and i really don't like spending much time doing that.. i feel like they're so summery and with summer coming up maybe i should just go for it!

Some celebrities working the bold blunt bangs:

Rashida Jones

Jessica Alba

Leighton Meester

Side-swept bangs:

Keira Knightly

Helena Christensen

Cameron Diaz


  1. bangs are so hard to handle! i say no!

  2. I say yes! But depends on your face structure. I cut really short bangs lately and I LOVE them! They make you look young and refreshing

  3. Maha: They are hard to handle but they look so pretty!
    F: I've been wanting to do them for so long and now my friend got herself some bangs and they did not look good! so now im really worried and not motivated to do it! But they are so pretty and refreshing as you said.. and i believe theyre so summery!