Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Phillip Lim

Another one of my favorite designers Phillip Lim.. I love these dresses designed by him, also on my wish list!!
Santa....... christmas is soon, please read my blog and buy me all of these pretty dresses!!! xxxx
Both dresses are so cute and glittery, i feel theyre perfect for new years parties!

Love Wang

I am currently in love with Alexander Wang. All of his designs are amazing!!! he dressed a couple of celebrities and thats when he caught my attention. These are just a few of his designs that are on my wishlist ... sigh.
1&2. beautiful fitted asymetrical metallic corset-dress.. could be styled with heels and a cute clutch and you would be ready to hit any cocktail party. Also available in white! I prefer the black one though.

3. Amazing black and purple one shoulder crepe dress, the draping is just absolutely stunning.. also great for any sort of party!

4. buckled leather ankle boors, your will befeinitly make a statement when wearing these, connect with ur inner biker chick by wearing them.

5. Suede sandals with a low wooden heel and pretty studs on the back. pair it with jeans and a t-shirt and ur all set to go!!

What are your thoughts on Wang??

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Rhinestone Manicure

Its been spotted on a couple of celebrities -- is this going to be the new nail trend?

On Katy Perry at the VMAs:

Serena Williams:

I don't know how they do it exactly, i do not think they attach each rhinestone individually because that would take forever.

Trashy? Or not?

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Scarlett Johanson is the new face of Mango. Her latest ad campaign for the store is pretty hot! She is sporting a new 'do, a short messy bob. She's modeling a bunch of stuff from the store including dresses, blazers and other cool stuff. Scarlett looks pretty amazing and the clothes are awesome too. How come I never find anything cool like that when I go into the store? I guess I have to wait for this collection to hit the stores to know whether it is as promising as it looks.

80's fashion

It seems like the 80's fashion is making a major comeback today. Shoulder pads, neon and leather are everywhere! Do you love it? Hate it? I personally love it!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

you are fired

Ralph Lauren's French model Filippa Hamilton was fired for supposedly being 'too fat'. The size 4 model said "they fired me because they said i was overweight and I couldn't fit in their clothes anymore."

She was fired after modeling for the designer for eight years. The designer denied this saying "we regret that our relationship has ended as a result of her inability to meet the obligations under her contract with us."

Ralph Lauren printed an airbrushed photo of the model in Japan, making her appear skinnier than she actually is. When she saw this she was appalled. The designer gave out a statement about the recent photo saying "it was mistakenly released and used in a department store in Japan and was not the approved image which ran in the U.S. We take full responsibility. This error has absolutely no connection to our relationship with Filippa Hamilton."

IF SHE REALLY WAS FIRED FOR BEING 'FAT'.... ITS RIDICULOUS! shes gorgeous! I'd kill for her body !

*the ad is not the one that was printed in Japan.

Jimmy Choo and Hunter

Yet another collaboration! This time its Jimmy Choo and Hunter, the British brand known for their boots!
"The legendary Hunter silhouette with natural rubber construction has been embossed with signature Jimmy Choo crocodile print and branded top bind. Gold buckle hardware, metal rivets and an extra long eyelet strap add attention to detail. A leopard print lining provides a contrast against the black glossy rubber of the boot. Presented in the original black Hunter box and lined with leopard print, the boots have a unique identification plate, uniting the logos of these two iconic British brands. "Rachel Bilson got her hands on a pair and has been seen recently wearing them on a rainy day in Los Angeles.
I love them! Now if only it rained more often in the gulf!

Friday, October 2, 2009

obsession du jour: blazers with studs!

I am absolutely in love with this studded blazer by Priorities. Available on winknyc.com it combines two of the seasons biggest trends, studs and boyfriend blazers. The studs on the sleeves are just amazing and the buttons are so adorable. You can dress it up or dress it down.. it gives you that rockstar edge. Retails for about $160, which is not that bad! Need to get my hands on it, ASAP!For a more budget friendly, theres a similar blazer, also with studs on urbanoutfitters.com. Its made by Silence & Noise.. very similar to the priorties blazer but with a cheaper price tag. This one is only $88!

Thursday, October 1, 2009


The Hills new star, Kristen Cavallari, hosted an event in Los Angeles in a really cute outfit! She paired a nude lace top with a leather pencil skirt. Pairing it with gold accessories and nude heels. I really love this look because shes pulling off lace without it being too revealing. Her make up is really pretty too. Im not really her biggest fan but i like this look.

What do you guys think?? Would you guys wear lace this season? Im really liking it but its quite a challenge making it look decent and not to revealing

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Eid Mbark!

Kil 3am wento b5aiiirr o 3eeedkim mbark o 3asakim min il3aydeen ilsa3eedeeenn
i hope u all enjoyed your eid and got lots of 3ayadyyy!!!
Love youuu !!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Kanye West x Louis Vuitton

Kanye West collaborated with Louis Vuitton, putting together a sneaker collection for this high end brand. I really like these shoes!! A guy wearing these would attract my attention, stylish! They do look kind of ghetto, but i would say more ghetto-fabulous than just plain ol' ghetto. Notice the details on the laces and at the bottom of the shoe. They come in many colors and shapes, one of them looks like a mix of a loafer and sneaker. Very cute!

Shraykum? Would you buy this for your man?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Spice up your ponytail

All you need is a couple of bobby pins and a couple of seconds.
Part your hair in the middle, add a little twist on both side.. secure it with a couple of bobby pns and tie the rest of your hair. Very cute effect! it helps keep away any side pieces that keep getting in your eyes. It would also work with a bun instead of a ponytail.

Whitney Port sporting this look.
Very simple and chic!

Blonde or Brunette

Kim Kardashian goes back to being a brunette after dying her hair blonde for almost a month or so..
Although she pulled off the blonde look, she looks MUCH better as a brunette!

What do you guys think suits her better?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Nike Gladiators

Blogger Wendy Lam wrote about a pair of Nike gladiators. I saw... i loved!! They are sooo cute. Perfect blend of sneakers and gladiator sandals. They seem pretty comfortable and they are stylish too!

Available in black, white and silver.

What do u guys think? Would you buy these?

Love dem Jimmy Choos

Yet another collaborations with H&M and a designer. This time it is an accessories brand. Jimmy Choo is the next designer to launch a collection of shoes bags and accessories for the store. It is set to be available around November 14 and should be sold in stores around the world. Hopefully they will launch it in the middle east too!
Tamara Mellon, founder of Jimmy Choo, wearing one of the designs for H&M.
Close up of the shoe:
Accessories will also be available. This belt looks really cute!
Close up of the belt:
I'm not really sure about the price range, but I can not wait!

Blast from the past!

I found two amazing websites that carry a good amount of vintage clothes and accessories for those who like real authentic vintage pieces from the 70s or 80s.

This Givenchy silk gown from the 70s is absolutely beautiful. There's an amazing gold bead and rhinestone trim at low plunging neckline. It has very flowy balloon sleeves and its just incredible!!

The other dress is a cobalt blue dress with a very summer scene at the front. Its very casual and its from the 1980s. It would look super cute with a pair of flats!

Another cute vintage blouse from the 80s. this red and white and black top features florals and leopard print. it has a drapey neck and strong shoulders. would look good with leggings.

An 80s leather biker jacket with zippers and coins and beds on shoulder flaps. the leather is apparently butter soft. its really cute!

Yves Saint Laurent silk blouse with black and red leopard print straight from the 1980s. It has adorable puff sleeves and bow tie closure at the front. Uber Chic!

Another vintage piece, this tunic has a very bohemian print. could be worn as a minidress or a beach cover up or could be paired with leggings. the colors are really pretty!
The websites also offer clothes that are not vintage, so its your pick!
Check them out!!