Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Blonde or Brunette

Kim Kardashian goes back to being a brunette after dying her hair blonde for almost a month or so..
Although she pulled off the blonde look, she looks MUCH better as a brunette!

What do you guys think suits her better?


  1. i think that she looks good in both, yet when shes blond she has to put more color(red,pink lipstick) while when shes brunette she can go away with a little amount of makeup and still look great.

    Love the Stella dress !!

  2. She looks good in blonde, but her long dark locks are her trade mark! And they make her unique, not like all the other blondies running around in hollywood!

    Brunette for life!

  3. I agree F, I like that her dark hair differentiates her from most of the celebs in tinseltown.

    Thanks for commenting =)